Welcome to Yell4Postcode
New SMS based Application


Two Flexible Payment Methods:

"Monthly Direct Debit".
Once you have registered, simply contact us and we will send you a standing order form. Charges cover a set number of lookups or address searches per month. Your account will be automatically topped up every month.

"Top-Up"  Once you have registered you can top-up your account as and when you like. Simply purchase more lookups when you need to. We will email you to let you know if your account is running low.

Monthly Direct Debit Pricing Structure

Monthly Charge Lookups per month
£19 750
£35 1,500
£49 2,500
£79 5,000
£99 10,000
Top-Up Pricing Structure

Charge Lookups
£25 750
£45 1,500
£70 2,500
£120 5,000
£200 10,000
£350 20,000

Lookups beyond 10,000 per month are paid for using monthly metered billing. Each additional units (Up to 10,000 lookups or searches) is charged at £99 per unit.  This takes care of situations such as peak traffic generated through  advertising campaigns where it is not possible to predict usage. 'No strings' means we operate a relaxed 30 day notice cancellation. Just let us know in writing 30 days ahead of when you want the service to stop. The system operates on a standing order basis giving you complete peace of mind. Because we are a true e-business we are able to offer you this unique service at an incredibly low price.

Please note that the above prices are for use of PAF by external clients using the postcode lookup service from your website. If you need to use PAF for INTERNAL use or want to licence on a per user basis please contact us